Empowering the Aromantic Community

What happens when the way that you relate to people doesn't fit in a neatly prescribed box?

Life on the aromantic spectrum can be full of anxiety, discomfort about the uncertainty of what your life can look like in the future, spending a life of trying to 'fit in' for societal benefits that only favor the alloromantic, and being pathologized by friends, family, and even therapists. If you're aromantic, you know that this can be a regular occurence. Having a coach in your support system who's not just an ally, but truly groks this experience can be a powerful, freeing turning point of self-acceptance and detachment from anything that doesn't fit you, no guilt, anxiety, or shame needed. I focus on helping aromantic people develop a strong sense of self so they can design their lives in a way that brings joy and relational harmony, despite living in a world that doesn't yet understand this way of being. Learn more about this in my blog


Supporting Neurodiverse and/or Highly Sensitive People (HSP)

Too often we realize much later that we are neurodiverse and/or highly sensitive, but are left living out of life strategies that are meant for neurotypical people - which causes anxiety, depression and downright misery. Where do you go to get the right kind of advice for your different ways of processing? It’s for this reason that I coach highly sensitive adults, to help them learn how to accept their perceptions, their emotional intensity, their drive and change their life into an open system that truly honors their differences. 


My thoughts? It may help to gradually clear out everything out of your life that wasn’t designed for you to begin with, so you can restore the world (which includes yourself), simply by being. I call it effort transcendence and that’s how I live now! My wish is for as many neurodiverse people to live and restore others in a similarly effortless way. 

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Eli B., Educator

"Kari helped me let go of toxic relationships in my life and set better personal boundaries. They hold a deeply affirming space for folx who are questioning aromantic and asexual identities or orientations."

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Tabin M., STEM Researcher

"Kari straight up pulled me out of the abyss, to be honest. Sometimes even the words they used seemed to be exactly what I needed to break negative internal cycles and patterns that were holding me back. I highly recommend their coaching services."

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ZeeBox, Visual Artist

"The revelations have been profound. Kari confirmed my reality as a highly sensitive/HSP man, and helped me get to a deeper state of acceptance, which is so valuable because toxic ideas of masculinity tell us that it's not okay to be sensitive."

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James H., Grant Writer

"Working with Kari has been amazing in that I've come to understand that sexuality is much more fluid than the ways we were originally taught to think about it, which has led to stronger experiences of creative flow states."

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Micheala W., Multimedia Artist

"For so long, I was denying the fact that I was neurodiverse and how much that affected me. Kari's guidance helped me transition into loving myself enough to realize that I deserved to design a life I really wanted to live! Having a truly sex-positive coach is such a rare experience."